Customer Service

The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

Create a great first impression

Patient, Caring, Relaxed and Methodical first and second line support.

Easy to scale upon demand

The process we use is so effective it can easily be scaled up upon demand.

Follow-the-sun workflow

This workflow is set up to reduce project duration and increase responsiveness. Thus, the work is “following the sun” and never stops.

Office based

Easy to train to fit your business workflows.

Reactive Inbound support

Fully functional Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support.

Live Chat Support

This is the fastest way to help our customers solve their questions. We pride ourselves on being always responsive and accessible.
  • Turning Web visitors into prospects
  • Helping with customer questions, giving people the forum to get instant support
  • Technology agnostic, 24/7 support.

Customer Success

fostering loyalty and making happy customers.

Customer Success is very similar to traditional account management but with a handful of critical differences. For starters, the foundation of Customer Success is a SaaS industry practice based on driving product adoption, increasing retention, and mitigating customer churn. Put differently.

  • Integrate account manager as a product expert.
  • Phone, Email, Live Chat.
  • Individual contributors, with targets and commissions.
  • Proactive account support.
  • Project managed through the Orbital senior management.

Virtual Assistance

More time to do what you do best. By outsourcing your business tasks, you can use your time proactively. Or free up time to spend with family and friends.
    • All-rounder, covering a range of ad-hoc projects.
    • Build rapport, with your on-demand support.
    • Perfect for entrepreneurs who need the reassurance that help is on hand.