All account managers have fantastic academic backgrounds, excellent English and Interpersonal skills.
Less hassle, Background checked, Less chance of churn, higher quality candidates.
Access to the latest technology, with strategic support from US and London based senior team.
No problem, we have unlimited access to excellent candidates. We also pay 40% higher salaries and have a waiting list. Many of our clients have teams of 10+.
Entirely up to the client.
Orbitals take a partnership before profit mentality, so we will have no problem refunding or changing the account manager.
Monday through Friday and are not required or expected to work on weekends, but we love to offer ad-hoc projects over the weekend that give our team a chance to earn money outside of the contracted salary.
We can offer weekend support if we scope of the process before. Quite a few of our account managers work over a long four-day week covering weekends with extra time off during the week.
Orbital observes major U.S & Philippines holidays. Your account manager will work either or? Often the account manager will choose US holidays if they have friends working similar shift patterns.
Yes, we promote this. Our senior team also have 20 years’ experience in SAAS technology to help with any specific training.
The benefits of having an agency, your business-critical projects can be shared across the team.
Orbital has existing relationships with the best-in-class providers of the technology space. However, we will utilize whichever platforms that our clients use – whether such platforms are proprietary.

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