Much like call centers two decades ago, online jobs have now become the wave of the
future. While pioneers have already carved their own niche in the industry, more and
more people are moving towards working remotely. And why not? Working from home
offers a lot of advantages, especially for certain types of employees.

People who need to commute great distances or be at home for whatever reason are
those who benefit from working remotely the most. Not only does working from home
save a person a lot of travel time and money, it’s also very convenient – as long as the
person can keep a strict schedule and adhere to his or her responsibilities.

This is the tricky part.

Here in the Philippines, society as a whole still needs to broaden their beliefs a little
more in terms of working from home. The accepted and traditional belief is that work,
for many people, means putting on semi-formal or business attire and going to the
office. Here in the Philippines, a majority of society still sees home as a place where
one rests, eats, cooks, and does chores. So when one says he or she works from
home, it’s simply to do housework.

And this has to change.

While some households have adjusted well to a member of the family working from
home, many Filipinos still need to be educated on the matter. For instance, people who
work from home follow a schedule, or have deadlines to meet. They are not as
business parlance would label, in flex-time. People who work from home cannot adjust
their schedules in accordance to needs and wants of a household.

Another way of looking at it is that people who choose to work from home, choose to
move their office to where they live. They are both at home and in their office at the
same time, and as such need to be respected for that. If parents or spouses of
employees would not bother said employees while they do their jobs at the office, the
same thing should apply when they work from home. It’s quite simple really.

What’s more is that much like people who work in offices for big corporations, people
who have online jobs do the same thing, again, only remotely. The traditional Filipino
belief that having an office job is synonymous to having a successful job is outdated. If
there’s anything the internet has taught all of us, it is that everything now can be done
from anywhere, with clicks and swipes and taps.

Online jobs should not be treated as a last resort or a petty go-through endeavor that
holds little importance. The world has evolved and first world countries have recognized
the value in online jobs, hence their eagerness to hire people from all over the world.

An online job represents an opportunity for people at a better life, and Philippine society
as a whole should recognize this before we get left behind.
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