Introduction to BPO

The business process outsourcing, or BPO industry is by no means, a small industry. For those who don’t know, BPO companies contract external parties — sometimes individuals, sometimes massive groups of people, either domestically, or abroad. This is big business especially if one considers the numbers. To put things in perspective, in 2016, the transaction of outsourced services amounted to over $90 billion, with the total revenue being almost $40 billion.

The Philippines has overtaken India in the call center race, becoming the call center leader in the world.

Some of the business processes carried out by BPOs involve internal business functions, also known as back office work, and front office work such as human resources and customer service. Call centers are the best examples of customer-related BPO companies.

Experts and authorities in the industry believe that by 2020, the BPO industry in the Philippines will generate $75 billion in terms of revenue, which is a huge number by all accounts. With BPO revenues almost equaling that of remittances from Filipino workers overseas, the local BPO industry has evolved to become the second-largest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product.

The emergence of Orbital Online Solutions in the Philippines

Orbital Online Solutions is a US-based company that has emerged as a trailblazer in the outsourcing industry through quality, world-class service. The company seeks to help up-and-coming, as well as established companies, enter new markets without having to spend a lot on recruitment.

The first of their services is in lead creation wherein there is in-depth research, appending, cleansing, and scoring – all for creating and appending lead data for the clients’ benefit.

Orbital Online Solutions also has inside sales enablement, which includes making calls, sending out emails, campaigning on social media, customer relations management, and product demonstrations. The goal here is to increase sales, and opportunities for sales. Inbound marketing and sales support involves managing inbound calls and social media profiles, researching on technology and reviewing vendors, manning live support chats, and supporting sales and marketing application. Lastly, being a virtual assistant takes into consideration calendar and inbox management and event support, as well as executive administration services.

All these are reasons why companies nowadays are highly optimistic of what Orbital Online Solutions has to offer. Now, add a talented, hard-working Philippine team into the mix, and you have a blockbuster combination.

A huge part of the team comes from the Philippines’ lush middle region, the Visayas. Professionals from Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Cebu, and Davao all contribute to the growing success of Orbital. With the first office being planned to be launched in Cebu in the near future, there is nowhere to look but up.

Stephen Juanito
Co-founder & Operations Director
Orbital Online Solutions

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