Orbital Online Solutions unite staff at Mindindal Cuisine

November 13, 2016, saw the first of our bi-annual company gatherings.

Minindal Cuisine in Cagayan de Oro played host to thirty Orbital staff from Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Davao, and Manila to celebrate the company’s exceptional growth throughout 2016. To the naked eye, it may look like a simple gathering among peers and colleagues, but to us the founders, it was a business-critical objective to show our appreciation.

We are more than familiar with how Philippine geography can pose some challenges for travelers, which is why it was extremely important for us to show how grateful we were to the people who made the trip just so they could attend and participate in this gathering.

We intended for this event to be lighthearted and fun, all the while keeping business at the door. Executive Assistant Rose Daclan headed the thanksgiving prayer before lunch was served, while Queenie Surbano emceed the event. The final activity comprised of good old-fashioned Filipino parlor games, and the distribution of souvenirs and prizes. Client Services Director Sheila Juanito ended the event with the closing remarks.

We, the Orbital Online Solution founders, have put great emphasis on the creation of a collaborative working environment with the goal of offering outsourced support that feels like an in-house team. To achieve this goal, we need people with a passion for exceeding clients’ expectations.

Truth be told, everyone at Orbital Online Solutions is very excited to see what 2017 has in store. Having said that, we will stay true to what we believe in, and continue to reward all your efforts and diligence as much as we can.

We asked a few of the people in management about their favorite team moment so far. Here’s what they had to say.

Joshua Arnold (Co-founder)

“There have been many through 2016. But the standout occasion for me was getting a personal message from Cathy Barba, expressing her excitement about now being able to travel and see her family – the family she has not seen in three years.”

Stephen Juanito (Co-founder)

My favorite moment in 2016 was when I realized we had helped a lot of families by employing home-based moms and people who were having trouble getting jobs because of their college majors (specifically nursing). We have this unique bond where we treat our agents as well as our clients as family.”

Sheila Juanito (Client Services Director)

My favorite moment in 2016 was when one of our clients employed double of the current staff from us. This only meant that the team was exceptional when it came to their task assignments.”

Rest assured, even as we continue our rapid expansion, even as we break barriers and set new milestones, each and every one of you will have an open forum to give us feedback; each and every one of you will continue play a prominent role in further building the company. Always remember that without you, the team, there is no Orbital Online Solutions.

Thank you!

And God bless.

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